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The Radium Girls


Marie and Pierre Curie experimenting with radium, a drawing by: André Castaigne
This drawing is said to be considered: Public Domain


A good friend on Facebook alerted me to this vital information this morning and because it has been an important part of my past, I felt compelled to share it here.

This ugly story is about yet another way that Humans have caused mortal harm often, with little concern, to their fellow Humans.

Years ago, we had Native Friends in the East who had developed severe physical afflictions from growing up in Arizona during the time when Uranium mining  was being  done with little regard to the effect it would have on Humans, primarily the Native people who lived near the mining areas there.

This was not the only instance of US mining processes harming Native people, there were many others, all just as deadly.

From the information gleaned from my searches this morning, it seems that we have a lengthy history in this country of deliberate neglect, and willful intent to harm others on a regular basis and shamefully for profit.

This is the story of the women, most of who worked in the Eastern United States, New Jersey to be exact, in factories making products often for the US Government, that would in a very short time and after great suffering on their part, end their lives.

They, without their consent or knowledge, were being poisoned by radiation from Radium.

At this time in our early US history, many people freely used, or worked with and handled, this what is now known to be deadly substance.

Even Marie Curie the renowned Polish Scientist, who won two Nobel Prizes, one in Chemistry and one in Physics, was not exempt from their lethal effects.

She was not only the first woman to win one, but she was also the only woman to win two!

After a lifetime of one brilliant accomplishment after another, sadly, her work with this very dangerous substance, Radium, would eventually cause her death.

Her development of  aplastic anemia was said to be linked to  her bad  habit of carrying toxic, radioactive isotope test tubes in her lab coat pockets.

Tragically, Madame Curie, like the other Radium Girls, would in the end, succumb to the very evil that she had helped to discover.


Places to learn more:

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Radium Girls



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Forget Climate Change!


Abode of Chaos
Picture credit: Thierry Ehrmann


Today marks the Third Anniversary of one of the most devastating Global disasters this beleaguered planet has ever seen, the meltdown at Fukushima.

As protests,  prayers and marches around the world,  remember this,  one of the darkest  days in the history of humanity, others wonder how, why and when the next one may come.

And trust me, if nothing changes, it will come.

What did we learn from Fukushima?

Has Japan changed a single Nuclear Energy policy?

Have any of the countries now using Nuclear Energy?

Has California or any other State/Country stopped building Nuclear Reactors near Earthquake Zones?

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station sits very near them and LA would take a direct hit.

When something as lethal as Nuclear Power is not given the fullest measure of respect, horrific things can and do happen.

We have become complacent and have failed to acknowledge that we cannot always control our mistakes and that they may in the end, end us all.

Many residents of my beloved state of California, are now watching as the Nuclear puke from Japan continues to wash ashore all along the beautiful coastlines.

Is anyone concerned at all about the millions of sea animals that are either now dead or are dying from the poisons that now have had three years to wreak havoc on living sea life?

Or the very sea itself?

Would you eat anything, if you are not a vegetarian, that comes from the Pacific Ocean?

But most importantly, what of the millions living in Japan who have paid or are paying the ultimate price for this disaster?

They have had to deal with not only the physical effects, but also the mental anguish and neither will soon go away.

It was/is in their face and they have nowhere to go to escape it.

I admit that since its inception,  I have had no liking for anything Nuclear.

My question since it began, was always,  why on Earth would we want to create anything that we have to pay someone to bury and that can easily wipe us all off the face of the Earth?

Most states now want nothing to do with spent fuel rods.

With all of the obvious alternatives, that will not kill us all and all living creatures, why do we as species still refuse to totally embrace Green Energy, instead of this lethal one?

I believe it can only be one thing,  money.

There is no huge profit in Renewable Energy.

This is quite sad, as it has been proven on every continent that Wind, Solar and other Green Energy options work and work quite nicely for those who choose it over Nuclear Energy.

It was abominable that following this event, there were countless attempts to cover up and hide truths that eventually,  as they always do, came out about who did what, when and why.

These did nothing but slow the recovery and contribute to the failure of the Planet to learn and change from this horrific occurrence.

For months, even years now, there are still those who say, no-no nuclear power is safe, Fukushima was just a “freak accident.”

They apparently have forgotten the previous “freak accidents” in so many other places, like “Three-Mile Island” and   “Chernobyl.”

Our world has been continuously bombarded for decades, with enough radiation to permeate every cell, of every living thing on it.

And belive this, when cells no longer function properly, we are in trouble.

Think of all the living things that could be affected and the Mutations that would follow.

Too many children and young adults are dying today of cancers that did not exist before Nuclear Power.

Animals, plants, all over the Earth are all affected, but they don’t usually make the news, because they don’t speak our language, but you must understand,  that they are all hurting too.

The decades of countless anomalies in human and animal births are not ” freak accidents.”

Nuclear Power running amuck Globally, is responsible and until and unless, the highest powers on this Planet accept, acknowledge and change our attitude towards this extremely dangerous form of Energy, we are in trouble.

I am looking at CNN as I write this and they are showing an “overnighter” of Senate Democrats talking endlessly about “Climate Change.”

Well, you can forget “Climate Change”, if we don’t begin a new way thinking about Nuclear Power and soon, we won’t need to worry about having a Planet,  or a Climate on it.


Some Places to learn more:

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